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Eventide Anthology Crack With xi &Mac, ii Tdm Bundle

Eventide Anthology Crack 2020 Full Download


Eventide Anthology XI package contains more than 2900 presets in learned plugins; Many professionals such as Dave Bensado, George Massenburg, Tony Visconti, Vernon Reed, Richard Devin, Joe Cicarelli, Roy Hendrickson, Alessandro Courtney, Andrew Chips and Susan Ciani.

Anthology XI, a digital audio processing center, offers the best of the past and the future. The original Clockworks Legacy package includes Instant Phaser, Instant Flanger, H910 Harmonizer, H949, and Omnipressor. From the H3000, factory and group delays offer unique creative possibilities that can be used to bring any instrument or sound to life.

For mixing and control, accurate reproduction of exact equations (EQ65 filter set and EQ45 parametric equalizer) can be used to create any surgical course. Beyond this classic, next-generation effects like UltraReverb and Octavox offer more creative possibilities than ever before. And more …

What’s New?

Anthology XI package contains the following products:

  • Blackhole
  • Reverb
  • Stereo Room 2016
  • Broken action
  • UltraReverb
  • Nuclear fission
  • UltraTap
  • H3000 factory
  • H3000 Range Delayed
  • eight
  • Quadrafox
  • H910
  • Binary H910
  • omnipresent
  • H949
  • Binary H949
  • Instant Phaser
  • Let’s go right away
  • Super Channel
  • channel
  • EQ45
  • EQ65
    Exact alignment time:
    Anthology XI comes with over 2900 presets in 23 plugins, many of which have been created by artists such as Dave Pensado, George Massenburg, Tony Visconti, Vernon Reid, Richard Devine, Joe Cicarelli, Roy Hendrickson, Chuck Zwicky, Robin Fink, Chris Carter, And Susan Xiang.


H3000 band delay:

Boost is Fantasy:

Consider whether you can change any accent, split into frequency bands, change the type of filter, and change these bands individually with delay. The H3000 tape delay plugin is taken from the H3000 Harmonizer Studio processor. This unique plugin can handle everything from standard delays and filters to stereo width and killer rhythm effects.

Feed any device or sound and convert 8 tons directly by frequency, resonance, filter type, delay, volume, and pan. Then it’s easy to create complex movements with the H3000 function generator.

H3000 factory:

Symptom recovery:

Combining factory settings, delays, procedures, and filters, the H3000 makes the original H3000 Ultra Harmonica legend in the studio.


Direct movement:

Combine your configuration skills with Octavox with unique time-based Ditonic synchronization technology. Octavox is an interesting instrument that also accepts emerging tone drums and produces eight tones according to the selected key and time range. Based on our flagship H8000 hardware effects processor technology, Octavox takes your melodies and ideas to the next level. Edits melodies expand instruments and create modern rhythmic scenes. Whether you’re an electronic musician, singer/songwriter or guitarist, Octavox brings more than 70 presets to boost your creativity and productivity.

The game of octopus:

Octavox controls are designed to be very intuitive, so you can quickly adjust parameters or enter values. Each of the eight heads can be freely changed from the pitch, including level, scroll, impressions and delay times, and the type of break in the music. Its effect is compatible with DAW’s tempo for killer, intoxication, search delay. Octavox has also been updated with better MIDI performance. Each tone range can be adjusted “randomly” with the amount of sound shift and the midi modulation wheel by turning the midi note, adjusting the midi note.

Many applications:

Engineers / Manufacturers:

Barry Rudolph is a recording engineer working on 30 gold and platinum records. He recorded Leonard Skynard, Hall, and Oates, Pete Banther, Rod Stewart, Course, and more. Barry is a music mixer and is studying sound engineering at the Music Institute in Hollywood, California. Co-Editor for Lifetime Grammy Vote and Mix Recine for  NARAS.
The devices in your mix get louder. Create unique melodies and singing effects on sounds. Morph drums are exciting new designs. Expand the stereo icon or delay ping pong.

Edit your car or special RPGs. Adds new rhythm textures to guitars and other instruments. Take a moment and bring new life to the drums and strings.

Save snapshots to quickly load, save, and automate your 32 Octavox scenes.

Sound engineers:

Creates popular stair effects. Create support ringtones for your favorite levels.

Use a function generator that does not match the tempo to delay the search. Use extreme settings for video game style sound.


Convert existing melodies to new rhythm scenes. Create new lines with monochromatic tools.

Create new drum patterns in the sync template. Run Loops via Octavox and convert it to real-time with a closed MIDI format that only sounds when playing notes.


Enter a monophonic device and turn on Mix Lock and click on Presets to find a new way to your thoughts.

Adds depth to your voice and better performance. Comprehensive tools to improve your structure.

Rotate over eleven:
Anthology XI includes twenty-three plugins with modern and futuristic classics, as well as 45 years of support from Eventide Studio. Anthology XI includes tools ranging from channel bands to echoes and multiple effects to simplify daily tasks and motivate your nation. This is important for every studio, as it has all the tools you need to combine, master, and create the next recording.

This set includes more than 2900 default plugins; Many of them were created by artists such as Dave Pensado, George Massenberg, Tony Visconti, Vernon Reid, Richard Devin, Joe Cicarelli, Roy Hendrickson, Alessandro Cortini, Andrew Shepps and Suzanne Ciani.

Plugins include:

  • H3000 Factory
  • Split
  • Dark crater
  • 2016 stereo room
  • Reverb
  • H3000 tape delay
  • H910 Harmonizer
  • Double H91
  • H949
  • H949 couple
  • mangled very
  • ultratap
  • ultrareverb
  • Aktavaks
  • EQ65 filter set
  • E-Channel
  • Altracanel
  • EQ45 Parametric Equalizer
  • Aligns time accuracy
  • Kvadravaks
  • Immediate step
  • Instant flanger
  • Omnipressor

Features of Eventide Anthology X: 

  • The first commercial device to sell in countless charts for countless sound effects.
  • Celebrities like Tony Visconti used it for guitar by David Bowie and Frank Zappa.
  • Capture all the realism of the original and set a pattern for changing the effects.
  • Change tracks set a double track, or use Anti-Feedback for some configuration.
  • Decorated with graphic buttons and buttons similar to the controls on the original device, but improved for them …
System requirements :
    • Microsoft Windows 7+ and Apple OS X 10,7+
    • Recommended Types: VST, Pro AAX Tool
    • Instructor.
    • Blog
    • com account is required
    •  but no physical code is required
    • All plugins come with two upgrades.


    • Requires AAX Pro Tools 10 or higher and Windows 7 or higher
    • VST format requires any VST host and Windows 7 or higher


    • Requires AAX Pro Tools 10 or higher and Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
    • The audio driver format requires any host audio station and Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
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Eventide Anthology XI package contains more than 2900 presets in learned plugins; Many professionals such as Dave Bensado, George Massenburg, Tony Visconti, Vernon Reed. Edit your car or special RPGs. Adds new rhythm textures to guitars and other instruments. Take a moment and bring new life to the drums and strings.


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