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folder lock Crack 2020 Full Download

Folder Lock Crack is an excellent security application that lets you password-protect files, folders, and drivers; Encrypt your important files instantly, real-time backup files, portable driver protection, destructive files and drivers, and a clean history. A folder lock can protect, lock, hide, and encrypt any number of files, folders, drivers, images, and documents in a second. Protected files are hidden, not deleted, and are accessible and secure.


folder lock

It can hide files from children, friends, and cow workers and protect them from viruses, trojans, worms, and espionage. It can also protect networked computers or cable users and hackers. Files can also be saved on USB memory sticks, CD-RWs, floppy disks, and notebooks. Protection works even when files are transferred from one computer to another on a removable disk, with no need to install any software.

What’s new?

Folder Lock Key is a complete solution that allows you to encrypt and lock your personal files and provide an automatic and real-time backup of encrypted files in the online storage space. It also provides portable security for USB drivers and CDs / DVDs. Locking folders allows you to lock files, folders, and drivers; Save your personal information in a wallet; Delete files, and clear windows history. This tool provides instant 256-bit AES encryption, as well as syncing encrypted files with online storage.

You do not need to decrypt your files manually or manually. You can restore files on any computer at any time. Recipients can be enabled by using the “USB / CD Protection” feature, which allows you to encrypt files on USB drivers or CDs and DVDs or convert files and folders to encrypted zip files for attachments. Email. The Folder folder has several additional features, including stealth mode, hacker monitoring, filesystem, auto-lock, auto-shutdown, computer lock, computer path deletion, 256-bit Blowfish encryption, and Explorer context menu.

Main Features:

Blocking filters:
The tool can lock and hide files and folders in seconds. This allows you to protect and restrict unwanted eyes from viewing files, folders, and drivers. Once you lock the folder, it will be hidden from the previous location and can only be accessed through the software interface.

Upload the files:
The application creates cabinets. Do you want to keep your files in a safe digital “closet” rather than in a bank cellar, just like you keep your money in a safe place? You can create 256-bit encrypted AES “closets”. Files are not encrypted or encrypted when you login; Copy them to Locker and Voila! I’m getting on a plane.

Secure backup:
This program provides two-way encryption and backup, allowing you to back up encrypted “lockers” over the Internet. This feature allows your memory to be password protected, so that information not only scares the eye but also protects it from damage or loss. If your computer is stolen or your data is deleted, restore your account data over the Internet.

Folder Lock - Download

USB protection:
You can store your cabinets on portable devices, including USB and external drivers. The software converts these cabinets into executable files, so you do not have to install the device every time you want to securely access your files. You can burn them to CD / DVD and create password-protected patents for email.

Word wallet:
The app lets you create a digital wallet to protect the confidential information you use regularly – bank details, credit cards, transactions, ATM PINs, and more. In these wallets, you can create as many books as you want.


  • Lock files, folders, and drivers.
  • Fly encrypted.
  • Upload files and folders.
  • Back up your files to a secure cloud.
  • USB / CD / Email Protection.
  • Make your wallet.
  • Trim the files.
  • Net History.
  • Stealth mode.
<strong>System Requirements</strong>
  • Process: Pentium 2.
  • RAM Memory: 256 MB.
  • Hardness: 20 MB.
  • Video paper: n / a.
  • Support OS: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows.
<strong>How to install</strong><strong>?</strong>
  • Install a free trial from an official agency
  • Download the Folder Lock Crack file from the link here.
  • Use the button to install and run the file completely.
  • Enter the desired key and activate the application as instructed.
  • Done, restart your device for the best results.
  • Pro set! Enjoy free for life now.


Folder Lock is a great folder protection application that includes Windows Explorer integration, many lock options, and a wallet feature. It also comes with a few extra features such as spare and reduction tools. Generally, folder locking is all you need to store your data in an ugly, simple interface.

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