HD Tune Pro 5.85 Crack With Serial Key Free Download

HD Tune Pro 5.85 Crack With Serial Key Free Download

HD Tune Pro 5.85 Crack is a multi-functional HDD and SSD hard disc benchmark/monitoring program. It can be used for measuring drive performance, error scanning, health inspection (SARI), the safe deletion of all data, and more. HD Tune Pro is an extended HD Tune version that includes a lot of new features, including writing benchmarks, secure deletion, AAM setting, folder view, disc monitor, command line parameters, and a file benchmark. Requirements of hardware: hard drive (internal or external), SSD, USB, reader of memory cards. Some drives may not support all functions because of hardware limitations. You can test the program for 15 days after installation. You must purchase a serial number if you want to use the program after this period. It appears that the Tune Professional Download is a simple programmer made to test the functionality of computers.

HD Tune Pro 5.7.5 Crack + Latest Version Full Download 2021

HD Tune Pro Crack is an updated HD Tune version with some interesting features like disc tracking, folder use, AAM setup, and data deletion. Tuneup Utility 2014 containing Hard Disk Doctor may also be downloaded. Also for this kind of tuning and troubleshooting, Wisecare 365 is an excellent alternative. The program can be used easily and does not use many of the resources of the machine.  The Disk Temperature Monitor is one of the nice features of the HD Tune Pro. The program can use this function to monitor the current hard disc temperature and alert the user if a certain temperature is reached (the default is 55 degrees Celsius or 131 degrees Fahrenheit). This is especially good in hot environments for hard drives to alert to a possible mechanical failure.

HD Tune Pro Crack With License Key Free Download [2023]

HD Tune Pro Key is also compatible with newer SSD drives and the read/write speed tests will give you an idea of the true performance of your hard disc. This is a nice free Windows-only program, part of the software utility category with the Disk subcategory (more specifically Disk Analysis). The software has been updated on 2/14/2008 and is 2.55. It can be downloaded in English for users using Windows ME and previous operating system versions. HD Tune Pro is a tool for diagnosing, maintaining, benchmarking, and providing information. It includes a benchmark drive write/read, random 4K read/write file tests, error scanning, PC health status reports, secure drive deletion, and a lot more. It might potentially check for possible programming mistakes. The state of a user’s session is always visible to them.

This robust disc management software has all you need to control and organize your hard disc drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives (SSDs). You may increase your drive’s efficiency using this program. It also lets you check for technical problems that might damage your hard drive. Useless data or all data may be erased safely using the application. When it comes to optimizing your software, HD Tune Pro Crack is hard to beat. It’s a big boost for the program’s effectiveness. favorable conditions for operation. Any hardware issues you’re experiencing? The HD tune pro 5.85 keygen is a lightweight application made for analyzing hard disc performance. It would appear that HD Tune Pro Crack is an excellent tool for enhancing the efficiency of any undertaking. It’s quite doable to utilize it to fix any mechanical issues. A check of the RAM and HDD is required.

HD Tune Pro Crack + (100% Working) Activation Key [2023]

This software is a hard drive tool that can be downloaded to run your PC for benchmarks. It works with SSD as well and is one of the best HDD health inspection programs. The key to longer life and maximizing its performance is keeping your computer in shape. As a result, specialized software applications should be used to monitor the health of your HDD, perform error scans, check its temperature, and finally take full advantage of the ability of the hard disc. HD Tune Pro Full Version, an easy-to-use Windows application that works with HDDs and SSDs, internal and external devices, SD cards, USB sticks, memory cards, and others, is an excellent accompaniment to this job. When it comes to managing and optimizing your hard disc or SSD devices, HD Tune Pro is a powerful tool.

What’s New?

  • Basic testing: added continuous testing option
  • Erase: can be set to the range
  • Monitor: 128 KB to 2 MB added transfers
  • Save options: The current pass is set to
  • Enhanced detection of temperature
  • Added command-line option to list all drives available
  • Info: enhanced detection volume
  • Using Folder: improved detection volume
  • Additional SSD drive support
  • Enhanced +4TB disc support
  • Added window position and size option option
  • A new alert level has been added
  • +2TB discs enhanced support
  • Scan options A: and B: Drives have been added
  • Option added to display the drive serial on the main screen
  • Fixed problem with temperature display Fahrenheit

Key Features:

  • Benchmark: measurement of low levels of performance (read/write)
  • File benchmark: file performance evaluation (read/write)
  • Random access: Measures the performance of the random hard disc access (read/write)
  • Extra test: Check read and write parameters of hard disc performance.
  • Information: display details
  • Monitor the hard drive’s health status
  • Error scan: Fixed the error points of the hard drive
  • Delete: Securely delete any disc data
  • Disk Monitor: Disk Monitor Access Monitor
  • View folder: displays disc space used for each folder
  • Temperature display
  • The auto-test SMART
  • In a simple overview, check the status of all connected drives
  • HD Tune Portable can also use other storage systems such as memory cards, USB sticks, iPods, and more.
  • And a lot more HD tune pro key features
  • It offers an easy and simple way of optimizing your PC.

Other Features

  • All types of hardware problems can be resolved easily.
  • In addition, from each corner, it monitors the hard disc and SSD.
  • In addition, it measures the performance of the device and scans errors.
  • The High DPI font problem can be fixed.
  • It supports the entire operating system version of Microsoft Windows.
  • It also performs safe, random access, cache tests, and benchmark erasing.
  • This measures the equipment’s health and temperature.
  • It also contains the latest S.M.A.R.T scan functionality.
  • It’s an easy and quick method for improving your computer’s performance.
  • Any hardware issues can be quickly and simply fixed.
  • In addition, both HDDs and SSDs are constantly monitored.
  • As a bonus, it checks for problems and monitors the device’s performance metrics.
  • To put it another way, it can solve the issue with High DPI fonts.


  • In addition, it does a random access test, a cache test, and a secure erasing test as a benchmark.
  • The most recent S.M.A.R.T. scan functionality is provided. This checks the temperature and health of the gadget.
  • Several storage media, including hard discs, solid-state drives, USB drives, and memory cards, are compatible with this program.
  • It repaired the drivers and resolved the compatibility issues.

HD Tune Pro 5.7.5 Crack + Latest Version Full Download 2021

System Requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, and 10 are supported.
  • Also, the processor needs to work with a minimum of 1.3 GHz.
  • At least 512 MB RAM and 200 MB free disc space are required.
  • All hard discs, SSDs, USBs, and memory cards are supported.
How To Install/Crack?
  • First of all, download the software from the link given below.
  • Extract all the needed files and close the internet connection.
  • Running the software by installing the setup.
  • Open the activation area and go to the download folder.
  • Hit on the software with a key folder and copy the license.
  • Paste it and where it is needed.
  • All Done! Enjoy.


The power to reduce the noise of the onerous drive by an Automated Acoustic Authorisation (AAM) approach is a characteristic of attention. In case the acoustic management parameters can be modified with this program if your machine helps AAM. Even the informal consumer can easily use this system. It needs approximately 45 MB of RAM and can use about 50 percent of the CPU time during the error scan or benchmark check. The PC efficiency is only influenced during the exams and never controls the expensive drive and updates the disc data. Some devices like HDs, SSDs, USB drives, and memory cards are also supporting this software. It solves problems with compatibility and fixes the driver problem. One useful feature is that it allows you to monitor the S.M.A.R.T. status of your hard drives.

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