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MediaMonkey Gold is a paid version of the leading Windows multimedia management and playback software.

Windows users have many options for playing music on a computer. For example, you can use Windows Media Player or download and install a third-party music player such as iTunes, Winamp, AIMP3. The choice of programs available for software that not only plays music but also offers control options is significantly reduced.

You can also burn and burn CDs, convert music, sync, share, and more. Adding other requirements, such as, may miss several means of presenting all this to users.

MediaMonkey gold apk crack is one such program. But music is the only thing controlled by the program. Video support is a new feature in the latest version of the product. This means that many program management options are available for video files.

What’s New?

Is MediaMonkey free?
The original version is still not good and there are no restrictions on its use, but other advanced versions are missing.

By purchasing the gold version of the software, you can access the most powerful features of organizing a media library and save a lot of time. For a full list of differences between the two versions, see the comparison list here at MediaMonkey.

Is it safe to use MediaMonkey?

This application is safe to use in terms of software security. Installed files and installed programs are scanned by Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes antivirus programs, and unwanted third-party software is not installed.

If you accidentally delete a file from your computer using the library manager, you may run into problems. Because MediaMonkey interacts directly with files, it should be able to do this, but the media will be safe as long as you are careful. If you download a script or an extension developed by the community, make sure you fully understand its capabilities before launching it!

Does it work on a Mac?

Unfortunately, in this review, this software is officially only available for Windows. You can run MediaMonkey using a Mac virtual machine, but it may not work as you expect, and the developers may not be ready for technical support.

On the other hand, there are several pages in the official forums that have successfully launched it with Parallels, so you can get community support if you run into difficulties.

Is MediaMonkey Gold worth it?

The free version of MediaMonkey is very affordable, but if you are careful with your digital media collection, you will need the advanced management features offered by the Gold version.

Gold needs money, given that the cheapest stage of licensing ($ 24.95) offers free upgrades to any 4 software and all major upgrades that take place within a year of purchase.

You can also buy a more expensive gold license, which has the option to upgrade its lifetime model to $ 49.95, although MediaMonkey v2 lasted from 14 to 14 years, and the developers have not yet been able to figure out when it will be released. the next option.

Media games:
These media controls are very useful, but only a combination with a good media player. MediaMonkey has an integrated player system that integrates with other library management tools and can play any file that other computers can read. It has helpers, checklists, and other hosting lists you need from excellent news reporters, and has additional features such as increased volume, resolution, and team productivity.

If you are afraid to save your music at a party, you can protect your password by checking the options in the options so that no one attacks your settings or removes them. into blocker mode – although I do not recommend it, the best teams can change and change their actions and go!

Is MediaMonkey much better than iTunes?

These two programs are similar in many ways. The iTunes interface is better, available in the iTunes Store and available for Mac, but MediaMonkey is much more capable of managing complex libraries.

All iTunes media tools are designed to make sure they come from the iTunes store or are made with iTunes, but this is not the same for most users. If you break your CD and download it from another source, or if the file contains corrupted or incomplete metadata, iTunes will come in handy if you don’t want to mark everything manually – a process that takes several hours. , otherwise, work on days of fatigue. MediaMonkey can solve this problem automatically, which saves you time.

It’s probably a coincidence that while writing this review, iTunes felt the need to offer me a new version for the first time in a few months …


Multiple Media Collections:

Collections allow you to share, configure, and manage media libraries. For example, classical music, jazz, children’s music, home video, TV, etc. They can be adjusted with special scenes and rules of play. For example, a set of classical music can be configured to show the conductor’s node and the original year column and play a crossover, while modern music does not.

Automatic file organization:
Automatically organize and name audio/video files on your hard drive in a logical hierarchy of your choice, depending on a set of rules you specify. Classical music can be arranged from time to time with the help of composers and house photos, and MediaMonkey lets you automatically organize it as a background process.

Advanced car list:
Create advanced auto playlists that automatically create music chips based on your mood. You just need to specify any criteria and the mix will be created automatically.
Sync expanded playlists with mobile devices, providing great tools that allow you to quickly load parts of your collection onto your device. For example, you can choose to sync a 256 MB random music set with a specific size set.
Creating and syncing music mixes is not easy for the average user.

Automatic conversion and alignment:
Auto Converter lets you sync, share (via DLNA), or record songs by converting songs to formats supported by your iPod, iPhone, or other mobile device or CD / DVD / DLNA player while maintaining all metadata.
Automatic conversion can also convert parts at a lower rate to make better use of the limited storage space of mobile devices. This is especially useful for music collections that are not compatible with mobile devices.
Also, the leveling level automatically controls the speed, so tracks are played at a fixed volume on CD / DVD and devices that do not support volume levels (most devices except iPod).

Professional quality CD:
“Safe Interrupt” detects damage to the CD and restricts its rotation until it is slow enough to play the same game at least twice. After copying the disk, MediaMonkey can confirm that it is very good by comparing the data obtained with the data in the AccurateRip database.

MediaMonkey provides professional-quality software that is easy to use.

Other Features:

  • This set includes additional fixes related to the migration from Freedb, as well as improvements to support for iOS 14 and some fixes.
  • UPnP search: UPnP search does not return any results
  • DLNA: The next song is not played when the player misses the monitor
  • Songs usually look marked.
  • The old iPod Touch (iOS 4.3.4) may be locked during scanning.
  • Some ALAC information will not be republished.
  • Restricts the assignment of image information to a separate file during scanning
  • WAV: The in_WAV plugin crashes and closes MM when using long-lasting tapes/file names
  • Playlists: Updating playlists in 1905 was 5 times slower than in 1897 (according to some databases).
  • New model – WAV or MP3 conversion failed after installing regression
  • When an automatic search is enabled, CPU charging will continue at 25%
  • Database optimization error for databases larger than four GB (full)
  • Playlist object: Some discs return an incorrect playlist
  • Marking non-MP3 information with ID3 tags can damage the file
  • Four deep playlists are not synchronized
  • iOS13: Unconfirmed texts in a music app
<strong>Media Monkey Gold system requirements</strong><strong>:</strong>
  • Before downloading and installing this large player, please make sure your system meets the specified requirements.
    • Operating system: Windows XP/Vista or Windows 7/8/8.1/10
    • Internal memory: Requires at least 1 GB RAM
    • Hard disk space: At least 200 MB free space required for installation
    • Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or later
<strong>How to download, install, and use?</strong>
  • Download MediaMonkey Gold Crack from the hyperlink or button first.
  • Then install and run.
  • Then apply light to the activation rate.
  • It’s over. Enjoy it!


Windows users have many options for playing music on a computer. For example, you can use Windows Media Player or download and install a third-party music player such as iTunes, Winamp, AIMP3. The choice of programs available for software that not only plays music but also offers control options is significantly reduced.


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