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Shadow Defender Crack Full Download 2020

Introduction :

Shadow Defender is a simple security solution that protects your computer/laptop environment from malicious activity and unwanted changes (for Windows operating system). Shadow Defender can be run in a virtual environment called Shadow Mode on your system. “Shadow mode” directs all changes in the system to the virtual environment without changing the actual environment.

If you notice malicious activity or unwanted changes, reboot your system and restore it as if nothing had happened. Shadow Defender allows you to specify files and folders to save in a particular environment. This will ensure that important files and folders are preserved after the reboot.

What’s New?

Shadow Defender key:
It is also an interesting program that provides other tools for your computer to protect against virus attacks and their negative impact on system files. It is a secure solution that protects the real environment of your PC / computer from malicious actions and changes (for Windows operating systems). Shadow Defender can control your PC in a virtual environment called Shadow Mode.

If a malicious activity or possible negative changes occur, restart to restore the system as if nothing had happened. With Shadow Defender, you can specify which files and folders are permanently available in the correct environment. This will ensure that the necessary files and folders are preserved throughout the reboot. If you need to build a maintenance-free PC, Shadow Defender is your best bet.


  • You can check the status of the program in the taskbar.
  • The yellow icon is “inactive” and the blue icon is the opposite.
  • The interface includes a left sidebar (a set of tabs).
  • System state, advanced settings, file deletion list, registry deletion list, current message, management, version information.
  • You cannot resize the program window.
  • Let’s take a look at the preview tab one by one.
  • One of them is System Status, which displays information about the selection status (use the dropdown menu to select). These include a current state (shadow or normal mode), capacity, used / free capacity, capacity used in SD, feature list, cache (all and currently in use).


Shadow Hint Study:

The second tab is the configuration mode. So, check the current state of the disk, start shadow mode, configure cache, and create mode schedule. The exception list is important because no OS changes are required and can be “desirable” or available to users.

Here are two tabs:

Delete the file list and delete the list if the specified file is not affected by shadow mode. Subsequent changes to the file could not be restored. You can add folders and files and delete files. If you remove it from the registry, only the key (folder) will be there, not its value. After registering the file / folder, click [Apply].

Shadow protective feature:

The Tasks tab is similar to Delete, but its operation is manual. Add files or folders every time you want to use a specific action. Or you can do it from the context menu. Right-click the file/folder to save and select Send to Shadow Protector. Note that this only saves the changes you made first, so you need to repeat the action to save the next setting that way.

Shadow Defender:

Control is a parameter. Therefore, Windows will automatically launch Shadow Protector (not in shadow mode), activate/deactivate the tray icon, expand the context menu, install automatic updates, and protect passwords. You can fix it.

How to use Shadow DefenderShadow mode:

Its main function is the protective heart of the shadow. If this setting is enabled, changes to Windows will be released on the restart and the OS will return to its previous state. Shadow Defender basically closes Windows and the user controls the copy. To enable shadow mode, go to the Mode Settings tab and select the drivers you want to protect. Click the Enter Shadow Mode button, select automatic login (if necessary) during upload or download, and click OK.

Shadow Hint Mode:

To exit Shadow Mode, return to the Mode Settings tab, select the drive and click End Shadow Mode or End All Shadow Mode. Then select a time to reboot.

Shadow Hint Study:

There are also two functional tables. Enter shadow mode during shutdown during boot shadow mode.

Another function:
Shadow Defender offers additional features that can sometimes be useful. Password management means setting a user password to access the application. You can add a password for a created file via the context menu – removes the password entry window to perform an action.

Write to cache: If enabled, all changes are saved in the cache, and only then the action is sent to the hard drive. The goal is to increase the access speed. The cache cannot be copied from RAM to the hard drive or deleted for new use. Users can also enable cache encryption. To do this, you need to specify the cache size (the equation of zero basically means that the write to cache function is disabled).

Shadow Defender password and cache:

There is little space management. The virtual environment still uses disk space and the more you work, the less. Therefore, Shadow Defender has an alert system that alerts users when space is limited. Go to the Administration tab and launch. You can set a specific amount of space to run notifications.

The end of the desktop icon, which appears in shadow mode, is used to notify you of the current status. There are no videos or animations in shadow mode, so the icon is fine. However, you can turn it off and configure it differently.

Welcome. If you press F1 in the program window, Shadow Defender Help opens. There is no contact information on the Program tab, but you can find it in manuals or on websites. Technical support is provided by email.

Values, disadvantages:
Shadow Defender costs $ 35 per computer and can cost as little as $ 14 on some devices. The free trial period is 30 days. As an alternative to Shadow Defender, you might want to consider programs like Deep Freeze, Sandboxie, Returnil, ShadowXafe, Acronis True Image, or Windows 10 Sandbox. Now let’s draw conclusions about the strengths and weaknesses.


  • Perfect Condition – Configure your system to require exactly one time and always work in this perfect state.
  • There is no reason to delete unwanted mail files or waste time checking and fixing unwanted changes on your computer.
  • System Restoration – Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) to maintain and maintain systems by restoring the systems to their original state.
  • System Security – Browse the Internet without detecting unwanted cookies, Internet logs, temporary files, spam programs, or spying.
  • Virus Protection – Prevent damage to the system by releasing viruses and worms. Make sure the virus does not infect the hard disk regularly.
  • Change management is the ability to quickly reverse accidental or malicious system changes and increase PC optimization.
  • Patch Management – To save time, safely check for updates, fixes, and additions before making changes to the system.
  • Software Optimization Test – Run multiple configurations on the same system for software test cases. There is no reason to reset or change the image to reset the procedure.
<strong>System Requirements:</strong>
System Requirements acts as a standalone plug-in or VST

  • CPU: Pentium 1 GHz or higher
  • Memory: 1024 MB or higher
  • HDD space: Hard disk space requirements for program files are 3 MB. You need 10 MB or more for each partition in shadow mode.
<strong>How to download, install, and use?</strong>
  • First, download the Shadow Protection key from the link or button below.
  • Then run it.
  • Use the crack to activate the process.
  • Ready for the end. Enjoy!


Shadow Defender is a comprehensive and reliable software solution to protect your computer from malware, viruses, and other threats that can affect and change system settings and content.

In short, this utility is very easy to understand. This creates a clone of your computer, called a “shadow mode”, similar to a virtual environment. Thus, any changes, attacks, or fixes used in shadow mode are immediately removed when they are disabled.



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